Artist Profile: Game

Name: Jayceon Terrell Taylor

Nickname: Game

Birth Date: November 29, 1979

Birthplace: Compton, CA

Label: Interscope, BWS

The Natural’s Opinion:

Game is one of the most intimidating rappers out there and just seems like someone you really wouldn’t want to mess with. I remember first seeing him in the “How We Do” song/video wondering who is this other dude next to 50? Little did we know that soon enough that “dude” next to 50 would put out arguably one of the better hip hop albums I have ever listened to. When Game put out “The Documentary” it looked like his career was going to last a long time especially with the relationship he established with Shady Records and G-Unit. All good things must come to an end though as Game and G-Unit came to numerous disagreements and they ended up parting ways. Game has come out with some good music since his first album but still nothing that even compares to his original material. The R.E.D. album has yet to be released after numerous push-backs and every leak seems like Game is trying to force his music rather than come off smoothly. I will always respect Game but am disappointed that I cannot hear what I first heard when I popped “The Documentary” into my CD player.

Recommended Songs:

1) Dreams (The Documentary)

2) Start From Scratch (The Documentary)

3) No More Fun And Games (The Documentary)

4) Doctor’s Advocate (Doctor’s Advocate)

5) Never Can Say Goodbye (L.A.X.)

L.O.E.’s Opinion:

G.O.’s Opinion: